University of Northern Colorado: The ipod Project

UNC Game Jam
iPod Project
Catherine Rohloff
Michael Kimball
Chris Holden
Daniel Gosch
Center for Honors, Scholarship, and Leadership
University of Northern Colorado
Fall 2010-Fall 2012


In addition to local teams, I have also formed a partnership at the University of Northern Colorado Center for Honors, Scholarship, and Leadership with Dr. Michael Kimball, HSL Director, and Catherine Rohloff, Director of the President’s Leadership Program. This project received preliminary funding for ipod touch devices and used ARIS as a prototyping tool in the Fall 2010 PLP 492, taught by Rohloff, the capstone course in the leadership program, as a prototyping tool.

Daniel Gosch, a student in the class, attended the 2010 ARIS Design Jam, where he was a great addition to the team. He then led efforts in the class to develop an ARIS mystery at the UNC campus for freshman as an orientation activity and also to increase awareness of water rights issues as they relevant in the area. The class also created a website to explain the project and scaffold ARIS design and implementation efforts for future students in the program.

Daniel and Rohloff taught PLP 492 in the spring of 2011, where they had the students revise and improve the game. They implemented the game among freshmen at UNC in the fall of 2011. UNC had applied for additional grant funding to effect implementation and further research, but Ms. Rohloff left the school in 2013.

Daniel’s success has encouraged everyone on the ARIS team to try to replicate his experience for other student designers. We believe his presence at the ARIS Design Jam was the pivotal piece, and are busy creating similar opportunities.

I presented with Ms. Rohloff at the 2012 International Leadership Association’s Annual Conference:

Place-Based Mobile Game Design: A New Leadership Context. Presentation and workshop at the International Leadership Association Annual Conference. Denver, CO. Oct., 2012.

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