seesign in use

Celestina Martinez, Chris Holden
UHON 301, 499. Fall, 2015 – Present.

Seesign is in development to help learning signers look up unfamiliar signs. Celestina, an Interpreting and Psychology double major at UNM has been working on her prototype using, starting as a class project in the fall of 2016 and expanding into independent research since. The app breaks down signs visually and allows a user to mark features they notice, hand shapes, movement type, etc. to narrow down and look up the sign on a phone, tablet, or computer. Anyone who has tried to look up signs in a dictionary can see the tremendous advance that her method will make available. Currently she has a prototype. All of the features are in place, but the accessible vocabulary is quite limited. She submitted and presented Seesign to the 2016 UNM App Contest (and was robbed – see the video of her presenting below and I think you’ll agree).

Seesign presented at the 2016 UNM App Contest