Jim Mathews, Chris Holden
2012 – present

Soundscapes is an ARIS game about sharing sounds. Players use the Notebook to record, annotate, and comment on the aural aspect of diverse environments. The idea is to share just a small bit of a world you find yourself in. It can be an everyday world that might be unique to you or a special occasion you’d like to share.

Wayne Albertson – Auctioneer in Green County. Farm auctions are common as farming changes and agricultural land is being converted.

As a listener, you have a portal into someone else’s life. Small but evocative. The result can be intimate and thought provoking.

When Jim came up with this idea, I was excited but it took me a while to understand what would make for a good sound to share. The mellow sounds of rain, or an open field in the Gila Wilderness, while quite relaxing, upon listening later did not feel rooted to the place itself the way Jim’s sounds did, his auctioneer for example. Once I realized the true joy of this idea was not about becoming an aural tourist, but instead about sharing special moments, I found I had an ear peeled when least expected. For instance, one day I was riding home from work and heard a terrible cacophony. It was a large murder of crows, at least three dozen, all in a nearby tree. Instantly, I had Soundscapes out and recording.

A murder of crows

When I wrote up these notes, it got me thinking about audio as an element of AR game design. Those thoughts are here.

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