Local Games in ABQ (class)

lgl class 2010


Chris Holden
UHON 401 – Local Games in ABQ
Fall 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016

This course is about making videogames for mobile devices to better understand local place. Using mobile games to explore place, sometimes called augmented reality (AR), isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s new enough. This field has not yet seen its Einsteins, Eisensteins, Shakespeares, Curies, or Kubriks. With a good idea, hard work, and some luck, you could be the first genius of AR. Beyond the limitless possibilities of a new medium, there are groups on campus and across the world who are looking for AR game designers help them connect people to places and ideas.
Not everything is a game, but games give us a good language for creating interesting experiences. In this course, we will learn about and practice game design. We’ll go outside the classroom and into the community. And the next time you are looking for a way to recruit participation in any endeavor, you’ll look back to those experiences and find something useful.


Course website 2015
Course website 2014

Game designs 2010
Game designs 2011
Game proposals 2012
Scrum for student projects (design methodology tutorial)
Teach yourselves ARIS in a couple of hours (ARIS tutorial)
Sample Syllabus
ARIS combat tutorial (by Jimmy Grieco)


Conference Presentations

Holden, C., Rohloff, C.;Place-Based Mobile Game Design: A New Leadership Context. International Leadership Association Annual Conference. Oct., 2012.
Holden, C., Concha, A; Augmented reality mobile game design as pedagogy of place. National Collegiate Honors Council National Conference. Phoenix, AZ. October, 2011.
Holden, C., Concha, A.; Mobile Game Design as a Springboard; Games+Learning+Society 7.0; June, 2011; Madison, WI
Holden, C.; Local Games in Albuquerque: Studying the city using place-based mobile game design. UNM Success in the Classroom: Sharing Practices that Work; Albuquerque, NM; February, 2011.


ARIS design team – In March 2010, Alyssa joined the ARIS design team in Madison, WI for a 3 day design jam.

Co-teaching – The Fall 2011 Local Games Course was proposed and co-taught by Alyssa Concha.
ARIS Global Game Jam – In April of 2011, students in at UNM joined in the 3 day, ARIS Global Game Jam.
Digital Graffiti Gallery – A game begun by Local Games student Ivan Kenarov, became the prototype for the “Situated Learning” category in the University of Madison DOIT Engage Program’s Award.
UNM self-guided tour – In the spring of 2010, Kaylyn Peters (former Local Games student) and Julie Do worked with UNM Marketing to develop UNM self-guided tour, an ARIS-based version of the campus tour given to prospective students and their families.
UNM Provost’s Blog – Provost Chauki Abdallah’s blog has been featured on OnlineColleges.com’s list of the Top 10 Best Blogs by University Provosts. It began from a prototype developed by Matthew Martinez in Local Games in ABQ in 2011.

ARIS Games with > 100 players

Art Beyond Question – Julia Cook

Sherlock Grammar – Sarah Parro

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