ARIS 2.0 Documentation and Tutorial Update – New Manual and Video Tutorial Content

Objects, triggers, and a scene as seen in the Scenes tab of the ARIS Editor (click to embiggenate)

I stayed up late last night to crank out a couple new bits of help for newcomers. I’m really excited about ARIS 2 being out of beta, and want to find ways to give as much help as I can to newcomers and those making the transition from ARIS 1.

Right now, the manual is here, and my tutorial videos are here.

New in the manual

New videos

An illustration of a very basic tutorial already in the manual: How to Make a One Stop Tour. If you’re making your very first ARIS game, this tour will help you build knowledge to get something small working. The videos let you see how to get there as an author in the Editor and what this tour looks like to a player in the App. On the way, it goes through some of the very basics and UI of both.