Digital Graffiti Gallery

Zia Bulb-square plaque

Ivan Kenarov, Chris Holden
UHON 401. Fall, 2010 – Present.

Digital Graffiti Gallery was the brain child of Ivan Kenarov while in Chris Holden’s Local Games in ABQ class in the Honors program at UNM. Since then, Holden has updated and relaunched the game for new versions of ARIS (the ARIS Notebook didn’t exist the first time) and helped word of the design to spread. Several years later, the game has had a rather large impact in the research and design of AR for learning, especially for a simple student design at the dawn of ARIS’s existence. It was never part of a research study, funded, or completed as a game, but it is still fun to play and generates discussion. It is an example of how in a young field of inquiry like AR, sometimes all that other stuff is beside the point: we just need to get out there and try some stuff to know what’s worth pursuing further.


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