Truchas independent study – Midpoint review and planning

I’m currently directing Earl Shank and Anthony Thompson in an independent study focused broadly on developing local games in and about Truchas, NM. Today was our midpoint meeting: a good time for reflection, goal setting, and overall planning. Lots of people have been inspired by hearing or reading about local games and want to jump in the pool themselves. But much of what already exists by way of tutorial is focused at the beginning of this process: first steps, basic software knowhow, brainstorming, etc. Either that or a total post mortem, like the chapters Jim Mathews and Mark Wagler, or Julie and I wrote in Mobile Media Learning. Writing about process now, when we’re right in the thick of it, could begin to provide one of those missing pieces for others involved in or hoping to pursue local games work, especially newcomers.


Revisit your goals for the project after work is well underway.

  • List accomplishments and derive a new set of goals from those accomplishments, previous goals, and emergent themes.
  • Consider internal motivations and responsibilities to external stakeholders in so doing.
  • Turn high-level goals into practical deliverables and concrete steps.

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