99% Invisible – Fodder for community investigations and AR game design

So a couple weeks ago my wife said we should try listening to this new podcast she heard about. 99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars. Not only was it interesting and made the long hours down to the Gila short, but I quickly realized it should be required listening for my Local Games in ABQ students should I teach that class again. I also began thinking about how it might serve as the starting point for place-based investigations through ARIS or other tools, collectively across the world.

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Opposites Attract – an ARIS matching game


While at AERA this year, I made an ARIS game called Opposites Attract. Go ahead and try it, but you probably won’t get very far unless you have many people to play with. To get anywhere in the game you need to match the card you get with one of 15 others. If you see this and are going to the GLS Conference that would be a good place to convince others to play.

I had been playing around with the idea of a trading card game in ARIS for a few months, interested because it seems like a way to make a decent game for conference attendees – give a bunch of people in a room a game to play together where the other participants matter and where play might lead to actual greetings. I got a chance to try this idea out along with a couple of others.

Like most new ARIS designs I come up with, I also found some things that didn’t work. Bugs in ARIS, problems with my design and with my implementation. And as usually happens, the discovery of these problems ended up being an important part of the overall journey.

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