Truchas Economic Development


Earl Shank
Anthony Thompson
Asst. Prof. Chris Holden
UHON 499 – Independent Study
Spring 2012

Truchas is a small town in northern NM, originally established as a land grant in 1754. The area currently struggles with a number of social difficulties concerning poverty. In the Spring of 2012, Earl began working with the High Peaks Deep Roots Cooperatives through UNM’s International Business Students Global: Howard Kraye Memorial Project. Earl, along with a small group of business students, was tasked with creating a multifaceted strategic plan to improve cultural entrepreneurship opportunities, specifically at the Truchas Farmers’ Cooperative. In the spring of 2012, he and Anthony will continue research and development of mobile game projects in line with this goal in collaboration with CODOCE, The Cooperative Development Center of New Mexico, an organization that has started five cooperatives in Truchas since 2010.

One of the concrete outcomes of the project was Los Duendes, an ARIS game you can play anywhere. It is a remix of a story from a woman who lived in Truchas held in Ethnographic archives at the Center for Southwest Research. Earl and Anthony found it in their research, and it stuck with them to the point where they turned it into a game. This game was used locally as a sort of conversation starter with other stakeholders in the economic development of Truchas, a way to start talking about what the place means together while in Albqueruque or anywhere else.


Project Blog
Independent Study Proposal

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