Preview – 3rd Annual LGLABQ Student-run Symposium

3rd annual symposium

For the third year now, the UNM student group Local Games Lab ABQ (same name, I’m advisor, but they run their own show) has put together a games-related symposium at our student union building. I got the schedule today, and it looks really great.

Here’s the message from the group’s president:


We look forward to seeing you all on Friday, March 3rd.

We will have a projector for you to use, however you might want to bring an extension cord or power strip, just in case.

The event starts at 10AM and runs until 5PM in the UNM SUB Ballroom A. After presentations end, we will have pizza for a late lunch and general gaming in the ballroom, as well as any booths set up for those who requested them.

You do not have to be present for the entire event but we do ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your presentation time so that we may have time to set-up and also just in case we run early/slow.

The following schedule is tentative and may change as needed, if you cannot make your presentation time please let us know:

Also please note that we will have time for Q&A after each presentation and that each presentation may run faster/slower than scheduled.

2017 Games Symposium Schedule:
10:10 – Opening Remarks
10:15 – “Getting Your Gaming Degree in ABQ”
10:55 – “Linking the Americas Throughout Gamers: The Pan American Association of Traditional and Autochthonous Games and Sports”
11:35 – “Creating Games for Public Installations”
12:10 – “How Many Players?”
12:40 – “Project_Shooter?”
1:10 – “Cave Story Hell-THe Perfect Peak of a Skill Curve”
1:35 – “Game Design Demoralisers”
1:55 – “ARIS: DIY Augmented Reality for Fun and Learning
2:45 – Closing Remarks

Please email us with any questions or concerns and see you Friday!
-Diane Hernandez
LGLABQ President

How cool is that? I’m really excited and if any readers are local, please do some by, even if for just a bit. Here’s the event in Facebook. In the past two years, it has been a great chance for UNM students and faculty to connect and converse with local indie developers. Here’s my take on last year’s event.

It has always felt especially hard to build momentum for public events here at UNM. People just seem to be pretty busy with all they have to do. It’s really an achievement for this group to carry this on for so long and across changes of leadership. I wish I could take more of the credit, but I can’t. If we ever end up with some gravity around the subject of games here at UNM, I think it will be due to them.


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