Wemap – Collaborative mapping on iOS and the web

Wemap screenshot

John Martin sent out a link to Wemap the other day. I haven’t gotten to use it but it looks interesting enough I wanted to let everyone know too.

Wemap lis an iOS and web tool, similar to Field Day‘s siftr (something else I should write about soon) in a lot of ways. Both are collaborative mapping tools. With Wemap in particular, I’m paying attention to the types of organization they allow creators and the types of interactions between users and each others’ content.

I don’t really know much about the app or people behind Wemap yet. But it does look pretty, and being web and iOS (siftr too is a web app, accessible from pretty much any device) should allow for many use cases. Let me know if you choose to or have already given this one a try.


2 thoughts on “Wemap – Collaborative mapping on iOS and the web

  1. I’ve yet to try this app, but I have used Field Trip with Google, which is similar in concept, but does not allow for users to add points of interest on their own, which is rather frustrating and limiting.

  2. I felt similarly about Field trip, at least as something that would allow us to collect and curate new, hidden things about our surroundings, not just make more visible things well-known to certain segments.

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