ARIS 2.0 Basics Slide Deck

ARIS Basics

Hey everybody!

I put together some slides as an intro to the new ARIS. They don’t substitute for full documentation, or a direct tutorial, but I hope they are enough to help newcomers get a toehold to know enough about what ARIS is to explore further on their own without too much frustration, so at least they know what words to begin asking about or look up.

Since I’ve already been working on documentation, and made some video walkthroughs, I wanted to make something whose use might fit into a new scenario, like maybe giving a presentation or a quick reference.

The slides cover a lot of topics very briefly, from the basic conceptual model of ARIS, logging in, objects, scenes, triggers, quests, and especially, locks. Plus there’s a couple little hints about getting your game ready for players. For this first pass, I left out everything about the Notebook. It’s not really done being designed yet anyway. The links are below.


Google Slides

I hope you enjoy them.

4 thoughts on “ARIS 2.0 Basics Slide Deck

  1. Hi Chris, thank you for your presentations. Very helpful… Is it possoble to use both location and qr codes in order to trigger an object? For instance: in order to see an object, the player should firstly be in the range and then scan the qr code in order to see the object.?

    P.S is there any e mail I could some other dificulties in designing my edicational game? Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, you simply make two triggers: one as a location, one as a QR code. You can make as many triggers to a single object as you want. In the case you suggest, I would actually point to two different objects. The first, direction giving one would do just that and not have any of the actual content. The other would be the content you imagine.

      For further help, I would really recommend posting questions to the ARIS google group. I answer those, but also others might get there first and be able to help/benefit as well.

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