Mobile WiFi Hotspots – Karma a New Possibility?

There’s a new mobile hotspot game in town and, on paper at least, looks really useful for mobile implementations where you provide devices out in the world and need access to the internet (like with ARIS).

The Karma rides on Sprint’s 4G LTE network (the old version is WiMAX and so not very helpful most places). Data is $14/GB and never expires. No contract. Connect up to 8 devices. You can pre-order the units for $100 for the next 29 days, at which point the price goes up to $150.

I don’t think I can get anyone to buy one for me, but I might just have to get one anyway. I’d be happy to find something to replace my aging 3G MiFi’s on Virgin Mobile.


What about you? Have you found devices, networks, and data plans that work for you in your neck of the woods? Is there anything on the horizon that looks interesting? Have you tried using your own phones as personal hotspots to run games for others?

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