Getting Started with ARIS and Scrum

This is a repost from my Local Games class today. I thought it might be helpful to others too. It’s a short list of timely references to getting started with ARIS and Scrum. Minimal.


The new ARIS is not totally up and running, but we can still do some real damage, like the Death Star in Jedi. We just have to keep straight which versions we are using until it’s officially launched.

ARIS 2.0 Editor

Here’s where to find it (for now):

Even better, up to date details, access to the new manual and client app to play games can be found together at:

You want to create an account and login. If you have a username from ARIS 1, it won’t work here, you need to make a new account.

ARIS 2.0 Client

As I mentioned, the client app can be found above. Here are some tips to help everything go smoothly:

  • Delete any other version of ARIS from your phone prior to installing a new one (for Betas).
  • Check in the phone’s settings (Settings > ARIS) to see that your server is
  • Use the same login you made in the 2.0 Editor.

Getting Help

ARIS 2.0 takes a tiny bit of getting used to. I’ve made several tutorial videos at:

And I’ve begun writing documentation, which is again accessible from the beta page on the ARIS homepage linked above. None of these cover everything in ARIS yet, but should be some help in finding your way around. Today, I’ll get you started in person and we’ll use ARIS to translate the tours you all went on last week into Augmented Reality.

In addition to learning ARIS, I will be introducing you to Scrum, a method for organizing group-based project work. We will use Scrum to work on the tours. If you’d like to read up on it, I’ve written about using it this way before.

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