I’m Looking for Novice “Game” Design Platforms

Hey readers, maybe there’s something you can help with. I’m interested in finding out more about novice design platforms. Game design or augmented reality or mapping type stuff in particular, but anything that is a bit rich works too. The Mozilla tools like Popcorn are a bit thin on the interactivity of the finished product for what I’m thinking about here, but mostly because the web editor only let’s you run code in that one file. Unity is a bit advanced for the audience I’m usually concerned with.


Right now, here’s the list I have:

  • Game Salad
  • RPG Maker
  • ARIS
  • Taleblazer
  • FreshAIR
  • Scratch
  • App Inventor
  • Star Logo TNG
  • Net Logo
  • Game Maker
  • Kodu
  • Aurasma
  • NoTours
  • Ushahidi
If you know of others, and especially if you have experience using this yourself or with students or know of cool things made with these tools, I’d love to find out about more. If you know details about licensing, computing platforms, availability, etc. that would of course be peachy. If you know of anyone else who maintains a list like this, you could just point me there.
These tools can be general purpose, education oriented, or somewhere in between.
Thanks a bunch.

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