Rupee Collector – the app


Look at this:

rupee collector - the app

That’s right, I turned my ARIS game, Rupee Collector, into an app on my home screen. If you want it too, or if you want to make your ARIS game into an app on your home screen, I’ll share.

This builds on my previous post about creating url’s for your ARIS game. In this case, mine is


But, as far as I can tell, it’s not as easy as entering this url into mobile Safari and adding to the homescreen as a web clip. That only works for http urls. Safari has to load the page before you have the option of adding it to your homescreen. There used to be other ways of adding app urls in this fashion. There was even a slick little app people used for the purpose of creating and theming these additions. Most used it for creating direct links to certain settings like WIFI. Apparently, this hasn’t been working for a while – but I don’t know from personal experience.

Anyway, you can use Apple Configurator to create a custom profile, and these custom profiles can include web clips. If you create one with a url that begins with aris:// it will tell you there’s an error, but it will still work.

To get Rupee Collector on your iOS device

  1. Download the custom profile I created using your iOS device.
  2. Even if you get warnings about unsigned code, go ahead and install it (that is, if I am a trustworthy source).
  3. Enjoy!

To create your own homescreen app for an ARIS game

You need two things:

  1. Apple Configurator (that means you also need a mac)
  2. The gameId of the ARIS game in question

If you have both of these,

  1. Launch Apple Configurator and create a new profile.

  2. Add a web clip to that profile, using aris://games/gameId as the url, and whatever other options you want. The icon I uploaded is just the game’s icon I used in ARIS for the game picker.
  3. Save the profile. Then either save it to your computer somewhere for later use, or use Configurator to install it to your iOS device (be careful you don’t accidentally configure your phone into a blank state – Configurator is powerful). I used the settings below to install the profile and NOT make any further changes.
  4. Send the saved profile to your friends, post it somewhere and link to it to make installation for other easy.

I’m not sure how kosher or long-term this strategy is, but it is pretty cool to have your own app on your iOS device.

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