ARIS Pro-tip: Preventer plaque

I’ll explain the preventer plaque in a basic scenario since it might sound more abstract than it really is otherwise. It’s a super simple and useful tool.

Let’s say I have a game and want that game to contain instructions that the player can refer to as needed. A quest is a good way to do this. Since I want these instructions to be always available, I don’t want the player to be able to complete that quest. The question is, how to write a requirement to prevent that quest from being completed?

Enter the preventer plaque.

Create a plaque. Call it preventer plaque. In the quest’s to complete requirement table, make a new requirement:

Player has not seen preventer plaque.

That’s it.

The preventer plaque idea has lots of other uses too.

  • Turning off unfinished content for the time being,
  • Making quests never show up so that you can use them behind the scenes to group requirements, and
  • essentially anytime you need a requirement to make something impossible.

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