Tutorials from last semester

Last semester I ended up with a few different tutorials connected to mobile game design. I wanted to share them here in case anyone can make use of them.

Using the ARIS Notebook – Visitas de la Colonia (gdoc)
This game makes use of the notebook, and so I made a tutorial for the professor and students to follow. There are some specifics that won’t matter to any other situation, but it’s a concise first notebook tutorial. With pictures and diagrams!

Teach yourselves ARIS in an hour or two (gdoc)
For small groups wanting to learn ARIS without official facilitation. There are a few basic steps and different activities here.

Scrum for students (gdoc)
This guide is a 2 hr, in-class primer for teaching/using Scrum (or my bastardization of it) for student group design work.

Basic ARIS narrative design – Thief tutorials (docx, key, pdf of slides)
A while back, Jim Mathews came up with the idea of a narrative game to build in ARIS as a first tutorial in the editor. I’ve been using this idea in workshops for a while, and forked the story. Here’s a one-sheet version of the game, and a keynote that runs through the necessary screens in the ARIS editor.

ARIS Notebook basics and art contest (gslides)
A few slides diagramming and illustrating the use of the ARIS Notebook to stage an impromptu art contest.

ARIS combat tutorial (gdoc)
Jimmy Grieco wrote this tutorial to document the ARIS combat system he and his group devised for Spirit Quest in Local Games in ABQ 2012.


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