URLs for your ARIS Games!

rupee collector title screen

If you have ARIS and are seeing this on your iOS device, click here or the image above to play Rupee Collector in ARIS.

Update: It turns out WordPress won’t let you post links that begin with something other than http or https. My links above got mangled and did not work. They do now. I went to tinyurl.com and put in the aris url and used the resulting tinyurl on this blog.

That’s right, a hyperlink can open ARIS and take you right to a game! At some point, this got taken care of but I never saw it in release notes. I thought I’d check in on it, and voila! This might not seem like a big deal, but I assure you it is. I’m in the process of adding pages to this site describing some of the projects that are underway, and now I can provide easy access to the games. You can also make things like posters with QR codes which, when scanned will open up your game on their device.

Here’s how it works:


You just need to find your game’s id (Rupee Collector is 3847). Someday this will undoubtedly be smoother, but for now:

  1. Open your game in the ARIS editor.
  2. Add object > Web Page. You don’t really need a webpage, but a little bit of help text in the web page’s options will show you you game’s id.
  3. Double click the webpage in the sidebar and look for the gray help text with your game’s id. Screenshot below.

Happy linking!

4 thoughts on “URLs for your ARIS Games!

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  3. Thank you for the tip- this used to work well but now it only takes you to the search for games screen! Any suggestions?

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