ARIS App Settings

Most people don’t know that the ARIS Client (aka iOS app) has its own settings or that there might be something useful there. The one thing we’ve ever really mentioned, the server address, is one of the things that makes the outdatedness of our demo videos bad. Most people shouldn’t need ever worry about that. But there are a couple of useful things there.

ARIS app Settings

Server URL
Again, you probably don’t need to know about this, but for the sake of completeness, it should be

Show Games in Devel
If you made a game in the editor but can’t seem to find it in the client, look here. If it’s on, you’ll see every game everyone has made in the editor. If it’s off, you’ll only see games that authors have marked as “ready to be published” in the editor.

Others See You
This is a bit of privacy protection, a fairly new feature that I don’t think has been mentioned to the public before. If it’s on, other players in the game will see your position (while you are playing the game and a few minutes after). If you turn it off, other players will not be able to see your location on the map.

Reset Tutorial Popups
Not very important. There are some little popups that only show up once that tell you about the tabs in the ARIS interface. They’re not really very helpful, but if you’d like to see them again, turn this option on.

This can be important, especially if you’re having problems and want to make sure you are on the most current version.


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