ARIS use is Evolving

This is a slide from a presentation Chris B and I gave about ARIS from Open Ed. 2011 (last week). The idea was to show how many more people were doing things with ARIS than only 4 months ago. But later, I noticed something else interesting. Not only have the numbers grown bigger, but the relationship between each of the stats has changed, painting a picture of a qualitative change that has occurred.

In June,

Players < Games < Editors.

In October,

Editors < Games < Players.

So back in June, we had fewer than 1 game per editor. Effectively this meant that we were on the whole signing people up to make games who never made a game. Now we are in the situation where on average, every editor has made (just barely) more than one game. We also were in the situation where games were not really getting played on average (more games than players). But now we have more than 50% more players than games. This is just one stat, but it seems like the aggregate nature of how ARIS is getting used is evolving. How cool!


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